It’s more than just leather

Quality + Small Batch + Handmade

We create leather goods that will last a lifetime or two. Indigo Laine is an expression of the places we have been and the roads we have yet to travel.

Indigo Laine & Co. was established in 2016. The only goal we had was to create great leather bags. Our vision has grown so much in the past 3 years. We are no longer just a quality bag company. Indigo Laine is a lifestyle —its about doing what is best for you, your family, community and leaving a lasting legacy that plants deep roots while allowing room for a wide open future. Myself, along with my family treasure this journey and you! As our customer, you often become like family. We are so excited to invite you in!

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Randi Hamlyn



Our Studio is the center of life around here. Much like a kitchen table, everyone always ends up around the cutting table. This is the place where bags are made, math is taught, lunch is had and many heartfelt chats reside. The days are long but so rich! Creating bags is the primary focus of the studio. Just know, though, that a lot of life happens within its walls. That is the joy of a small, family owned business. We are privileged to make a life doing what we love.

We aren’t just creating great bags around here, we are creating a life we love.
— Randi Hamlyn