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Small batch, thoughtfully crafted leather goods that blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetic.
— Randi Hamlyn

More than just leather

Indigo Laine & Co.

Over the past several years I have begun to crave authenticity. Hitting the open road  in search of that, has brought me here. Back to my roots. Growing up, the aroma of leather, great music and road trips were a constant. Now, as a mama and a maker I feel the tug pulling me back to that. Enjoy the leather goods that we have to offer. Find a home within the vintage fabrics that are incorporated among the designs. 


The process

In the Studio

Our Studio is the center of life around here. Much like a kitchen table, everyone always ends up around the cutting table. This is the place where bags are made, math is taught, lunch is had and many heartfelt chats reside. The days are long but so rich! Creating bags is the primary focus of the studio. Just know, though, that a lot of life happens within its walls. That is the joy of a small, family owned business. We are privileged to make a life doing what we love.


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A Few of My Favorite Things

Do you remember when Oprah came out with her annual Favorite Things show? It was so exciting to see what she loved! I think what made that show so relatable is the fact that we all have some things in our lives that make our Favorites List. The items that keep us grounded and focused through out our day. To kick off 2019 with a BANG (a month into the year) I offer you a glimpse into my Favorites List!



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About Indigo Laine & Co.

Quality + Small Batch + Handmade

We create leather goods that will last a lifetime or two. Indigo Laine is an expression of the places we have been and the roads we have yet to travel.